Our Curriculum

Welcome to our curriculum page. Here you will find different documents that will give you an insight into our curriculum.

At Thompson Primary School, our intent is to provide a curriculum that offers exciting and meaningful learning opportunities that motivate, inspire and are based on our children’s likes and interests. Our Curriculum intent is underpinned by the National Curriculum and ensures that, at each stage of their learning journey, each child acquires a rich bank of knowledge and skills. Our aim is to expose children to the best authors, artists, musicians etc. and make sure that learning is made memorable and committed to the long-term memory by repeating concepts, making links and building upon previous learning. As retrieval becomes embedded in our curriculum, we encourage learning through a sequenced curriculum map. We take opportunities in all subjects to develop our children’s language acquisition and expose our children daily to challenging new vocabulary. Since we believe that

At Thompson Primary School, we believe that all children should have equal access to a broad and balanced curriculum. Ours is designed so that subject specific skills and knowledge are taught within an exciting learning challenge each half term. Hooks, visits and visitors supplement each topic to enable our children to make connections in their learning and acquire a deeper understanding. We teach our children that learning occurs everywhere, at all times, and utilise our outdoor grounds to enhance the curriculum wherever possible. We believe that our school has a responsibility to develop cultural capital and teach our children the skills and knowledge that will enable them to succeed in life.

Our school’s vision and values drive the curriculum to ensure that our children are prepared for the future and able to succeed in the longer term. They are tolerant, caring individuals with a strong moral conscience who are resilient to the influence of others and make decisions for the right reasons and in the best interests of their community and wider world. They take risks and are emotionally resilient recognising that we make mistakes and learn from them. All children have an entitlement to achieve well and we teach our children to ‘persevere’ and ‘don’t give up’. Through the learning challenge curriculum design, pupils acquire a deep body of learning over time and make interconnected links to their prior knowledge. We want our children to leave Thompson Primary School as well rounded individuals, who are ready to take on the challenges of the next chapters in education and life.

Curriculum Documents