History at the Cooperative Education East Trust aims to allow our children to explore the past, understanding what has happened before in order to equip them fully for their future. We look at our local history by exploring our local area and thinking about the impact of local historical figures and events on the Norfolk that we know today. We look at history in a wider context, both nationally and globally. Our children are encouraged to explore our history through the eyes of inventors, authors, politicians, scientists and artists, recognising that these people were like them. These real-life role models from history allow our children’s dreams and ambitions to grow through their inspiring stories and achievements.
We explore different time periods and the key figures from each through engaging lessons that allow our children to explore the past of our country and the world. Children can see the importance of these events and how they have shaped the world we live in today. Obtaining historical knowledge is just as important as historical skills. Through questioning, children will
compare, contrast, discuss change over time, understand the significance of certain people and events and question why things have happened and the consequences of these events. The skills obtained through our curriculum are not only applicable to history, but become life skills building resilience when searching for an answer in a text; reflective practice when thinking about why events have happened and questioning skills that will prepare them for their futures.

History curriculum document