At the Cooperative Education East Trust, we aim for children to develop their natural curiosity and interest in the world and its people and take this into their lifelong learning. We aim to do this by teaching our children an understanding of places and environments and how theirs and others actions impact upon this. Through their work in Geography, our children will learn about the local area and think about how life in this area compares with other regions in the UK and the wider world. The children will spend time looking at maps, learning how to draw and interpret maps, developing their research, investigation, analysis and problem-solving skills. Through the study of human geography, the children will also gain an understanding of life in other cultures. Our Geography curriculum will encourage children to understand and investigate the physical world so that
they recognise the importance of sustainability and protecting the environment in which we live. As the children’s knowledge develops we create links with both physical and human changes on the landscape
and formation of our world. Our Geography curriculum aims to provide a range of geographical experiences both in and out of the classroom, encouraging children to build their interest and enjoyment, knowledge and understanding of the subject. Children will be provided with the opportunity to gather, analyse and discuss information and data they have collected through a range of experiences such as field work tasks as through real experiences learning is consolidated. We will develop a sense of place by looking at the local area in which they live and placing this within the
wider context of the world around them. There will be an emphasis on developing geographical vocabulary and communicating geographical information in a variety of ways.

Geography curriculum document