Yoga & Wellbeing

At Thompson Primary School the wellbeing of children and staff is important. Every Week we have yoga sessions in school. The learning from these sessions is then continued through the school week in lessons and different transition points during the day.

Reception class (Wrens Class)

The reception class are working on:
Physical skills – agility, balance, coordination,


Positive mindset, self value and belief
Positive community respect, kindness and unity

I am awesome
You are awesome
We are awesome

Year 1/2 class (Robins Class)

The year 1/2 class are working on:

Self value
Self respect
Peer respect
Peer value

Team spirit
Positive community

We are all important
We all have a voice
We are valued
I am me
Yes yes yes

Year 3/4 class (Skylarks Class)

The year 3/4 class are working on:

Self belief
Self value
Self control
Positive community

I am me
Yes yes yes
I can I can I can

Year 5/6 class (Barn Owls Class)

The year 5/6 class are working on:

Yoga, Meditation and body scanning

Relaxation, Focus, concentration, Mindset, Self belief and Motivation.

Exam preparation and exam tools to regain positivity and concentration.